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5 Lessons to Teach Earth Day All Year Long

         Earth Day was first recognized in 1970 after Senator Nelson pushed for the world to take care of the earth. Since then, every April 22, global initiatives are coordinated on this day to find ways to drive transformative change for the planet and the people living on it.         

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Bringing Holidays into the Science Classroom

  Making science engaging and interesting is one of the top thoughts on my mind each day. I want my students to love science. I feel that if students develop this love, it helps them to become better learners which will, in turn, create well-rounded students. All too often because

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5 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day with Older Students

Our planet is something that we often take for granted. Many of us are reminded to take care of it when the weather becomes warmer, and Mother Nature allows us to come outside and enjoy everything our Earth has to offer. April 22 is when we celebrate our delicate planet.

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