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science ideas ti use at the end of the year

End of the Year Science Activities

School is weeks away from being over but there’s still time to complete these end of the year science activities. The kids are restless and ready to be done. End of the school year, teacher tired is real. So, what can you do to keep engagement high, even when the

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How to Teach a Unit on Magnetism

Teaching children about magnets can be challenging. A magnetism unit needs to follow NGSS standards. Your unit on magnets is a fun and engaging way to integrate hands-on learning activities and provide students with opportunities to solve real-life problems. Learn how to teach magnetism to students while incorporating the Next

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Alternative Ways to Conduct Lab Activities in Your Classroom

  Science teaching has always been chock full of hands-on activities and experiences to cement learning in the students’ young minds in our classroom. However, due to the pandemic’s various constraints, our “normal” teaching strategies and routines have been completely altered. As we settle into “the new normal,” science teachers

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Teaching science isn’t as complicated as you think. Subscribe to my science squad to learn how to make life in the science classroom easier and more productive. Don’t you deserve your best life? Stop spending all your free time reinventing the wheel. Learn how to engage students to retain classroom

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I started this site to help upper elementary teachers love science as much as I do and find easy, adaptable techniques to bring scientific concepts into students’ hands.  Teaching science can be tough.  You don’t have the necessary tools, confidence, resources, or budget to bring your students’ experiences.  Been there,

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Science Songs for Your Classroom

Whether you are in remote learning or in the classroom, you can spice up learning by incorporating science songs into your classroom. If you are distance teaching, I love the idea of starting the Google Meet or Zoom session by playing one of these songs to get your students motivated

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How to Hold a Successful Virtual Parent – Teacher Conference

Due to the Coronavirus global pandemic, parent teacher conferences will likely take on a whole new look during the 2020–2021 school year. No longer will schools allow intimate settings of 1:1 conversations to happen between parents and teachers since CDC social distancing guidelines must be adhered to. However, parents and

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Introduction to Schoology

Introduction to Schoology:     A learning management system allows you to run a virtual classroom while managing administrative tasks such as taking attendance, inputting, and recording grades. Choosing a learning management system is tough. In the past, I started out using Edmodo. It was ahead of current tech trends

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How to Archive Your Learning Management System

Whether you loved it or hated it, distance teaching is finally over for this school year. Before you throw your hands up with joy to kick back and relax this summer, it helps to do a few housekeeping tasks to clean up your digital learning management systems. Archiving a class

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