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Setting goals with your students

Goal Setting Activities

Setting goals comes naturally twice a year in a teacher’s life, in January and during back to school season. According to psychologists, there is a direct correlation between setting goals and success. Therefore, as teachers, it is important to assist students in determining their goals and learning how to meet

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How to Hold a Successful Virtual Parent – Teacher Conference

Due to the Coronavirus global pandemic, parent teacher conferences will likely take on a whole new look during the 2020–2021 school year. No longer will schools allow intimate settings of 1:1 conversations to happen between parents and teachers since CDC social distancing guidelines must be adhered to. However, parents and

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Introduction to Schoology

Introduction to Schoology:     A learning management system allows you to run a virtual classroom while managing administrative tasks such as taking attendance, inputting, and recording grades. Choosing a learning management system is tough. In the past, I started out using Edmodo. It was ahead of current tech trends

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How to Support SEL during Remote Learning

 Remote or distance learning was something that was mentioned but not really thought out until we were thrown into it in the spring of 2020. While academics always play a role in the learning process, one area that was severely neglected was the social – emotional learning of our students.

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