Back to School Science Picture Books

back to school science picture books

Are you looking for picture books to start your school year by building relationships and a classroom community with your students? If so, check out these back to school science book options that you can use in your classroom on the first days of school or throughout the year.

Back to School Picture Books

There will be times when you walk into a room
and no one there is quite like you.

The back to school season can be a time of anxiety for many students. Starting a new school year brings in many unknowns, so I love this back to school picture book, The Day You Begin by Jacqueline Woodson.


Use this picture book to set the tone for your classroom. This book reminds students that we are all different! Whether it is because of skin color, religion, disability, or personality, we each have unique traits that make us who we are.

Ever have an idea and not know what to do with it? 

This is a perfect back to school science picture book because it will inspire your students to think big and see what can happen with those BIG ideas. 

Use this in science class during the back to school season or before you teach a design and engineering unit to motivate students to think big! 

Add Time of Wonder by Robert McCloskey to your first days of school picture book pile. The illustrations in this book are gorgeous and illustrate a summer in Maine. The illustrations of nature will warm any science teacher’s heart. 

Read it on the first day of school and follow up with lessons on making observations and inferences

The Magical Yet by Jacqueline Woodson is today’s version of The Places You’ll Go. This story brings us down memory lane of learning and growing from mistakes. 

This back to school picture book is perfect for your science class as it provides a message of turning negatives into positives and how often it can take time to learn and do things successfully. 

You could follow up this story by talking about different scientists who had to persevere to make their discoveries. 

I hope this is the best school year yet. Looking to add more books to your science classroom library? 

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