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How to Teach a Unit on Magnetism

Teaching children about magnets can be challenging. A magnetism unit needs to follow NGSS standards. Your unit on magnets is a fun and engaging way to integrate hands-on learning activities and provide students with opportunities to solve real-life problems. Learn how to teach magnetism to students while incorporating the Next

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Alternative Ways to Conduct Lab Activities in Your Classroom

  Science teaching has always been chock full of hands-on activities and experiences to cement learning in the students’ young minds in our classroom. However, due to the pandemic’s various constraints, our “normal” teaching strategies and routines have been completely altered. As we settle into “the new normal,” science teachers

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Bringing Holidays into the Science Classroom

  Making science engaging and interesting is one of the top thoughts on my mind each day. I want my students to love science. I feel that if students develop this love, it helps them to become better learners which will, in turn, create well-rounded students. All too often because

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Five FREE Tech Tools for the Science Teacher

    Today’s science students need a blended learning environment that authentically incorporates technology into their curriculum. Below are five of my favorite technology tools. Each of these has a FREE component, but you can upgrade to benefit from additional features.   Edpuzzle:  Lately, students have been coming to me

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