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Back to School Science Skills

Get your classroom back to school ready by using these hands on engaging ideas with your 4, 5, 6 grade students to start off the school year motivating your students to love science class.

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science ideas ti use at the end of the year

End of the Year Science Activities

School is weeks away from being over but there’s still time to complete these end of the year science activities. The kids are restless and ready to be done. End of the school year, teacher tired is real. So, what can you do to keep engagement high, even when the

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Teaching a unit on natural disasters

How to Teach a Unit on Natural Disasters

Teaching a unit on natural disasters will instantly engage students. Most people find tsunamis, hurricanes, tornadoes, volcanoes, and earthquakes interesting, especially if they live in an area where they might come into contact with one. While you are teaching, a natural disaster unit is typically high in engagement, further student

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Top Google Apps for Teaching

       Technology came front and center this past spring as teachers everywhere suddenly turned into remote learning specialists managing the ups and downs of all things digital. While eLearning did have a learning curve, the sudden thrust does have many teachers bringing their digital distance teaching knowledge back into the

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How to Assign Work through Your Learning Management System

Welcome to the world of distance learning. Many teachers were suddenly thrown into technology this year, many with little to no experience with technology. Prior to the pandemic, many teachers who were not comfortable with technology could get away with doing the bare minimum or nothing at all. This is

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Make Your PDFs Editable in Minutes

I cannot stress enough how hard distance learning can be. As an almost 15 year veteran in education, I spent HOURS lesson planning for my remote learners this past weekend. This was time spent already having some digital tricks up my tech sleeve. So to my tech newbies, I do

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