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Every profession in life has its challenges. Whether handling paperwork to planning engaging lessons, everyone is under stress. However, one of the most stressful professions involves being the President of the United States of America. While very few get to hold this profession, it is a role that many would not even want to take. Honestly, this is due to how hard it can be to make decisions that impact an entire nation.

Additionally, it is a position that maintains relationships with countries worldwide. Due to this immense stress, Presidents’ Day is a time to honor all who served in this office. Thankfully, the ideas below will create engaging lessons for students while teaching the importance of the day.  


Presidential Pennies 


Students love to spend money! However, they may not realize the history behind the face on the money. Thus, this activity is perfect for a science lesson to celebrate Presidents’ Day. Likewise, it incorporates real-life aspects while teaching all about the penny. During this activity, students will learn about the history of the penny and how to clean tarnished ones. As an extension, students will learn why the Statue of Liberty is green and not brown. Furthermore, they will learn all about surface tension. Students will love this hands-on activity! 

presidents day pennies activity


Presidents’ Day Project

The focus of Presidents’ Day involves the actual people who served in this role. However, students may not know about the majority of presidents. This could be due to age or having limited exposure to politics. Thus, this Presidents’ Day research project is the perfect student-friendly way to study a previous president. They will use links to access important information about their selected president. Then, they will use the provided graphic organizer to record their findings. To show what they have learned, they will create a timeline of significant events in the life of their selected president. As an extension, students can present their work to the class or hang up the timeline for all to see! The class will love learning all about the different presidents. 


Presidents’ Day History 

Often, students love celebrating holidays. However, students must understand the history behind the celebration. Hence, this activity will teach students about Presidents’ Day history. Likewise, it includes essential information about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. Thus, it also consists of a debate over the holiday’s name. Thankfully, this activity can be completed in a variety of ways. For instance, the reading comprehension worksheet can be completed independently, in small groups, or as a whole class. Students will love sharing everything they learned about the history of Presidents’ Day after going home!



Students learn in all different ways. Thus, it is vital to bring in several elements when lesson planning. For instance, some need reading passages and worksheets. Other times, students need projects and hands-on items. Additionally, some need to watch a video or listen to a recording. Thus, this 4-minute TedTalk is a great way to teach about Presidents’ Day. Students will learn all about how the role of the presidency was developed and why there are branches of government. 


If I Ran for President Picture Book 

Read-alouds are crucial for students of all ages. Thankfully, there are so many incredible picture books to pick from! This one will allow students to see how challenging it can be to become the president. From campaigning to seeing your face everywhere, it is a stressful process to become the president.

Additionally, it involves explaining how to solve the nation’s problems, selecting a strong running mate, and debating on live television. During each step, the candidate running is awaiting Election Day. Students will love hearing all about the election process in this book. 

Presidents’ Day is such an important celebration for students to learn about. Often, students do not realize how hard it is to become the president and how much pressure one has after being elected. Luckily, these ideas will allow students to practice several academic skills while gaining respect for all presidents. You might also like this blog post on the 13 colonies.

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