Earth’s Motions Project

Check out this fun project for your grade 6, 7, or 8 students after studying Earth’s motions. This project has students choose one of Earth’s motions, describe it in a written format and create a model. This project aligns with Next Generation Science Standards and Science and Engineering Practices

What are Earth's Motions?

As a culminating project for: 

I had my students work alone or in small groups to create a museum exhibit that would summarize the motion and have a model to show it. 

Moon phases activity for teaching earths motions
  1. Students decide on their topic. Each group chose from moon phases, seasons, tides, or eclipses.  
  2. Students received a packet that included all the information needed to work on the project. This includes helper pages with a checklist, websites they can use, vocabulary terms, and a graphic organizer to assist them with all they need to work independently. 
  3. Students complete the project proposal. 
  4. Students complete the written portion of the project. 
  5. Students complete the model. 
  6. Present! 

Summarizing Earth's Motions

earths motions written assignment

The summary has students: 

  • explain moon phases, seasons, tides, or eclipses
  • describes how it impacts the earth
  • tell when it occurs
  • detail how often it occurs

This part of the project is a written display of their museum exhibit. Students use the sheets included to help them brainstorm, sequence, and complete their writing. In addition, reminders are given to use scientific vocabulary. 

Students’ final copy can be completed in Canva, Google Slides, or written out nicely on construction paper! 

Modeling Earth's Motions

As part of the Science and Engineering Practices (SEPs), students should have time to create and design models. Models can vary from a drawing on a piece of paper to an interactive hands on feature. 

As part of their museum exhibit, students needed to have a model that demonstrated their motion. 

For this part of the project, you may have students bring in their own materials or use classroom materials. 

Modeling earth's motions activity

Some of my students were very creative in using materials to create different motions. They tried to create something that was interactive to make it more engaging for their visitors. 

Other students simply created an accurate drawing to model their motion. 

Teacher Tips for Earth's Motions Project

Here are some tips

  • Make it easy! Sign up below to get the printable materials to use in your classroom! 
  • Have students refer to their class notes as their main resource. This helps them look back, learn, and use notes as a reference. Many students need practice with this skill. 
  • If using class time to complete this project, it took my class 5 40-minute class sessions to complete both parts. We did this before Spring Break. In the future, I may assign this as a long-term homework assignment. 
  • Have students bring in materials to help cut down on costs. 


Need materials to help teach these topics? 

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