Teaching Tides Activities

As a science teacher, you know how important it is to keep your students engaged in the material. But sometimes, even the most Teacher-of-the-Year-worthy tides activities can start to feel a little stale. That’s why we’ve put together a list of some new and exciting activities on how to teach tides in the classroom! These activities will pique your students’ curiosity and get them excited about this important scientific concept.

Exciting New Activities to Teach Tides in the Classroom

Tides Lab

Are you wondering how to teach tides so that it is hands on? Then, have your students conduct their own mini tide experiment!

Fill a large container with water (we recommend using a clear container so your students can better see what’s happening) and add a small weight to one end. Then, have them observe what happens as the weight pulls on the water and creates a “tidal bulge.” Once they’ve had a chance to observe and record their findings, have them repeat the experiment with different weights to see how that impacts the size of the tidal bulge.

Tidal Patterns Activity

This activity is best suited for older students, as it requires a basic understanding of tides and how they work. The first step is to have your students make a graph of the tidal patterns in their area (you can find this information online or from a local tide chart).

Once they have their data, they should look for patterns and trends in the data and try to explain them. For example, why is there typically a greater range between high tide and low tide during a full moon?

Graphic Organizer Tides Activity

One of the best ways to have students sum up their learning is through the use of a graphic organizer. 

Have students sum up their learning using this tides activity. 

Students will review

  • Characteristics of tides.
  • Describe how low, high, spring, and neap tides occur.

Crossword Puzzle Activity

using crossword puzzles to practice vocabulary

This tides activity is perfect for review, sub plans, or homework.

Give your students a copy of my tides crossword puzzle (download it below) and watch as they test their knowledge of vocabulary related to tides. They may even learn a few new terms in the process!

Using crossword puzzles in your classroom will help improve vocabulary recognition and skills and reinforce words associated with the unit. 

Tides offer a great opportunity to teach kids about science, math, and geography concepts in an engaging way. These tides activities are surefire hits that will get your students excited about learning!

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