Use Article of the Week to Improve Reading Comprehension

In today’s classroom, fostering a love for reading and enhancing students’ comprehension skills are critical. As educators, we constantly seek innovative methods to engage our students and elevate their reading levels. One effective reading comprehension strategy that has risen in popularity in recent years is the implementation of an “Article of the Week” paired with nonfiction activities.

What is Article of the Week?

The Article of the Week is a pedagogical approach where students are presented with a nonfiction article every week. This article is a focal point for various literacy activities and discussions throughout the week. The chosen article covers a wide range of topics of interest to students.

Topics can include

  • current events
  • trending stories
  • historical narratives
  • scientific discoveries
  • and more.

The goal is to expose students to diverse texts that pique their interests while expanding their knowledge base and increasing their decoding, fluency, and reading comprehension skills.

10 Ways Article of the Week Improves Reading Comprehension

1. Provides Regular Practice

Engaging with a new article each week provides consistent practice in reading comprehension skills, helping students become more proficient readers over time.

Try to have students reread the article at least 3 times throughout the week. Use different strategies and ask them to search for different things each time they read it to give them a focus. 

Each time students reread the article, they’ll improve in both fluency and reading comprehension. 

Reading articles on different subjects introduces students to new vocabulary words and terminology, improving their vocabulary acquisition and comprehension of academic language.

Teach students to use context clues to help them determine the meaning of unknown words. 

Model this to help them understand how to search for the meaning. 

3. Text Structure Awareness

Examining the structure of nonfiction articles, such as

  • headings,
  • subheadings, and
  • text features,

helps students understand how information is organized and enhances their ability to navigate complex texts.

4. Making Connections

Connecting the article to

deepens students’ reading comprehension and enhances their ability to relate to and engage with the text.

5. Discussion and Collaboration

Discussing the article with peers or in small groups encourages

  • collaborative learning
  • promotes deeper reading comprehension through dialogue
  • encourages students to consider different perspectives

Depending on the article, you can give students discussion questions to answer, have students choose sides, or summarize sections of the article and then share out their knowledge. 

6. Critical Thinking Skills

Analyzing and responding to reading comprehension questions or prompts related to the article encourages students to think critically about the text, identify main ideas, make inferences, and draw conclusions.

7. Exposure to Diverse Texts

Article of the Week exposes students to a variety of topics, genres, and writing styles, broadening reading topics and expanding their knowledge base.

Implementing Article of the Week as a classroom reading comprehension strategy offers students many benefits. From enhancing reading comprehension skills and vocabulary development to promoting critical thinking and facilitating a deeper understanding of complex texts, this regular practice engages students in meaningful learning experiences. 

Ultimately, the Article of the Week is a valuable tool for educators in any subject area seeking to empower their students with the skills and confidence needed to navigate and comprehend the vast array of texts they encounter in their academic and personal lives.

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