Adding Holidays to Your Science Curriculum

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As an upper elementary science teacher, incorporating the holidays into my science curriculum was hardly an option. Watching my colleagues connect major holidays and days of remembrance to their curriculum, allowing students to strengthen their reading, writing, and mathematical skills, always made me jealous because I did not have the ability to do the same with my young scientists.

Can you relate? 

This past year left me with a determination to find a way to marry both science and important calendar days to give my students authentic, curriculum-aligned science experiences. 

Are Monthly Science Activities for You?

While these monthly science activities have worked wonders in my classroom, are you wondering if they are the right fit for your classroom? If you can answer YES to any of the following questions below, these science activities are probably good for your classroom needs. 

  • Are you looking to add high-interest engaging activities to your classroom? 
  • Do you wish you could authentically cover the holidays and other days of remembrance into your science curriculum? 
  • Do you want to spice up your existing dull science curriculum? 
  • Do you need easy-to-implement sub plans for your science classroom?
  • Do you struggle with having students make real-life connections to your science curriculum?

Frustrated with the lack of holiday science activities, I researched different holidays and used the Next Generation Science Standards to seek alignment with the science curriculum. 

With this information, Christmas and Winter Science Activities was born! 

February Monthly Science Activities cover the following topics:

Integrate the following holidays: 

  • Heart Health Day – February 1
  • Groundhog’s Day – February 2
  • Super Bowl Sunday
  • Valentine’s Day – February 14
  • Presidents’ Day

Your students will learn about:

This unit includes

  • Teacher tips and instructions to implement the activities into your classroom
  • Digital instructions to distribute the Google Slides activities through your secure learning management system such as Google Classroom, Schoology, Canvas, etc. ALL ACTIVITIES HAVE A DIGITAL COMPANION.


Heart Health:

Includes five pages of teacher instructions and activities to teach students about blood components and how to keep your heart healthy. These cardiovascular system activities can be used to recognize either Heart Health Day or Valentine’s Day.


Groundhog’s Day:

This activity will have students use student-friendly links to research and learn about groundhogs. The Google Slide, Powerpoint, or PDF activity will teach students about the origins and traditions of Groundhog’s Day as well as hibernation and the life of a groundhog.


Football Science:

Get into the spirit of the Big Game using these two activities that will have students practice their measurement skills and problem-solve to create a goal post out of materials to save the Super Bowl.


Presidential Pennies:

Celebrate Presidents’ Day by teaching students about the history of the penny, learn the best materials to clean tarnished pennies, learn why the Statue of Liberty is green and not brown, and learn about surface tension. The six printable pages will walk you through completing the activities with your students and include student-friendly instructions. Digital copies are included to allow remote learners to participate in the fun.

Scientist in the News

Print and digital reading on famous scientist, Steve Jobs

Still wondering if it's right for your classroom?

Remember, science friend, these activities are designed to save your prep time while increasing student engagement in science. Your students will love the different activities and thoroughly enjoy science class! 

Check out teacher feedback below. 

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