Water Conservation Projects for Upper Elementary Students

Water conservation is a critical topic that students can learn about through hands-on, interactive projects. By engaging in these projects, students not only develop a deeper understanding of the importance of water scarcity but also gain practical skills and knowledge they can apply in their daily lives. In this blog post, we’ll explore 5 creative water conservation projects you can use with upper elementary and middle school students.


5 Water Conservation Projects

Water Scarcity

Different areas around the world need laws and solutions for water conservation because they experience water scarcity on a regular basis. This project idea will have students first learn about the water cycle. Then, students will research different places throughout the world that are impacted by water scarcity. 

Students can research

  • Cape Town, Africa
  • Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • Chennai, India
  • Mexico City, Mexico
  • London, England

After completion of their research, students should identify why their problem exists and brainstorm solutions. Their solutions can be made into a presentation for others. 

Water Usage Audit

Allow students to learn about their own water habits using this water conservation project idea: 

Educational Objectives: Data collection and analysis skills, awareness of personal water usage habits, and critical thinking about water conservation strategies.

Have students conduct a water usage audit at home or in school to track water consumption over a designated period. Provide them with tracking sheets or apps to record daily water usage for activities like showering, flushing toilets, and washing dishes. After collecting data, facilitate discussions on ways to reduce water consumption based on their findings.

Students can work in groups to research water use in other areas to compare their use. Then have students work on solutions to decrease water consumption and bring awareness of water scarcity to others. 

Rain Barrel Project

Have students learn how other parts of the world try to combat water scarcity through this water conservation project. 

Educational Objectives: Understanding the concept of rainwater harvesting, practical application of water conservation techniques, and hands-on construction skills.

Guide students in constructing rain barrels to collect rainwater from rooftops. Teach them about the benefits of harvesting rainwater for activities such as watering plants or washing outdoor equipment. Students can design and decorate their rain barrels, fostering creativity while learning about water conservation.

This project is especially helpful if your school has a greenhouse. The water can be repurposed to help water the plants instead of using sprinklers or other sources of water. 

Students can also record the amount of water harvested to determine how much water can be saved and set up a schedule of when and how to use the water. 

Community Awareness Campaign

Have students put their research skills to use by creating a community awareness campaign as one of their water conservation projects. 

Educational Objectives: Communication and teamwork skills, public speaking abilities, and community engagement.

Task students with creating a water conservation awareness campaign for their school or local community. Encourage them to design posters, public service announcements, or infographics highlighting water-saving tips and facts about water conservation. Students can share their work with the community or present to younger grades to get their word out. 

Have students share this solution to water scarcity as a water conservation project idea. 

Educational Objectives: Environmental awareness, landscape design principles, and sustainable gardening practices.

Introduce students to xeriscaping, a landscaping method focused on reducing water usage by using drought-resistant plants and efficient irrigation techniques. Challenge students to design xeriscaped garden plans for school grounds or community spaces. They can research suitable plant species, layout designs, and irrigation systems, considering factors like soil type and sun exposure.

This type of project can really be put to good use if you live in a drought-prone area. Students will be able to make connections to real-life and science! 

These 5 water conservation projects provide engaging opportunities for upper elementary and middle school students to learn about the importance of water scarcity. Through hands-on activities, students not only deepen their understanding of water conservation but also develop practical skills and a sense of environmental stewardship that can inspire lifelong habits of sustainability. 

Check out this ready-made Water Scarcity and Conservation Project! 

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