10 Amazon Must-Haves for the Science Classroom

Science teachers, start this back to school season off on the right foot by ensuring your classroom is stocked with these top 10 Amazon must-haves. These Amazon classroom supplies will ensure that your science classroom has everything you need to start the school year prepped and ready for science! 

Top 10 Amazon Items for the Science Classroom

  1. Everything You Need to Know to Ace Middle School Science 

This is one of my favorite science resources. The text is written in a friendly format. Whether you are a teacher who needs a refresher on specific topics or you decide to use this as a supplemental science text with your students, this book should be on every science teacher’s bookshelf. You can read more about why I love this book here

2. Hot Water Boiler

I love a dual-purpose classroom find. Often, science activities will need to have hot water. Think: making crystals, states of matter, etc. This hot water boiler is a must have for the science classroom because it easily plugs into any outlet and will have water boiling in minutes. There is also a safety feature for an automatic shut-off so that you don’t have to worry if you forget the water is boiling. Also, it’s small enough so that the hot water boiler can easily store it in your science classroom.

Remember dual purpose? Besides using this in my science classroom, I also use this to have tea in the cold winter months.

Check out the hot water boiler here.

3. Plug In Doorbell

Looking to strengthen classroom management procedures? This plug in doorbell can help science teachers let students know when to move to a new station, start a lab activity, or warn them to clean up before class ends.

Another way to use this Amazon Must Have while students are working in small groups. Students are alerted to when they need to stop talking and share their ideas with the classroom. 

Since this is a wireless doorbell, you can walk around with the remote, so you don’t have to worry about keeping it in one spot.

Teacher tip: Attach it to your lanyard so that you always know where it is. 

This wireless doorbell is a must have for the classroom.  

4. Pocket Microscope

If you are teaching a unit on microscopes, but you do not have microscopes in your classroom, this is a budget-friendly way to bring the experience into your science classroom. 

This pocket microscope can view specimens on slides. It has a magnification of  100x-250x. Additionally, it includes a slide, coverslip, and wrist strap. 

While this Amazon Must Have for your science classroom does not have the same features as a traditional microscope for less than $20, it is a great way to let students view tiny things. You can also attach a phone to it if you want to take pictures, which you can use this fun science find. 

Get a better look at the pocket microscope here

5. Germ Tracker

Keep teaching your students the importance of washing their hands and staying clean with this germ tracker kit.

Use in the beginning of the year, as part of your human body unit, or immune system lesson to remind students how easily germs stay with us! 

Use this as a science station to have students work collaboratively or as a classroom demonstration. Either way, kids will love seeing where the germs still lay!  

Get a closer look at the Germ Toolkit here

6. Disposable Pans

These disposable pans are an Amazon Must Have for the science classroom to reduce mess during classroom demonstrations. Use these pans to prep materials that you will use during a classroom demonstration so that you don’t lose precious minutes looking for the items you need.

During the experiment, use this pan to contain any messes that experiments might make. These disposable pans come in handy if you have multiple class demonstrations in a row. 

Finally, after the experiment, everything is already contained in the pan, which makes clean up a breeze. You can throw out the pan or, depending on the materials used, rinse, dry and reuse another time! 

Additionally, if you have students working in small groups, these tins can be used with them in the same manner! 

Click here to stock up on disposable pans for your science classroom so your future self can thank you later

7. Chalk Markers

If you are lucky enough to have black science tables in your classroom, this Amazon MUST Have is needed in your science classroom! 

These chalk markers are a fun way for students to show what they know about different scientific concepts. Have students practice drawing atoms on the table to demonstrate knowledge of the parts of an atom. Another fun idea is to have students label parts of a plant or animal cell. Furthermore, have students draw the organs in the human body and state their function.

Allowing students the opportunity to draw on the tables will instantly create an engaging, fun atmosphere! Give each table one colored chalk marker to complete the task. Before students leave, have them wipe off their writing with water and a paper towel. 

Get this easy-peasy engagement tool here.  

8. Post It Easel Pad

Did someone say anchor charts? These easel pads made by Post-It are on the top of my back to school science classroom list. Each year I used these easel pads to create charts, diagrams, posters for students to reference as we learn about each topic. 

Having the unique Post-It sticky across the top makes hanging the science posters easy, and the best part is that they are sticky enough to adhere to cinderblock walls without falling. 

Other ways that you can use the Post It Easel pads in your classroom are

  • Blow up essential worksheets to keep hung around the room
  • Student-created posters on a topic
  • Timelines or Life cycles
  • Jigsaw Assignments
  • Show what you know (Title the paper and have students write facts about the topic on the anchor chart)

Having materials hanging in your classroom with meaning about the concepts that students are learning is important and allows students to reference when needed! 

Grab the Post It Easel Pad here

9. Mr. Sketch Markers

This science classroom Amazon find goes hand in hand with the #8 Post It Easel Pad. What else would you use to create those magnificent anchor charts but Mr. Sketch Markers, of course! 

Aside from the yummy smelly scents, these markers do not fade like other brands. 

I also personally love the chisel tip while I am writing out my charts. 

While you can undoubtedly have students use these markers and increase engagement as they label or answer questions on the chart paper, I keep these bad boys to myself. 

Try them out yourself by clicking here

10. Plastic Cups

While this seems like another strange item to have in your science classroom, plastic cups are a necessity of mine. 

Plastic cups are the perfect container for classroom demonstrations, student activities, and experiments. Students can easily see what is going on inside of the cup and it can easily be contained and disposed of with little mess. 

Plastic cups help to make your classroom a mess-free zone. Additionally, just like with disposable pans, you can prep materials ahead of time. 

When teaching students about acids and bases, students can dip litmus paper into the liquids contained in each plastic cup. Once the experiment is over, dispose of the cups, making clean up a breeze. 

Start by using plastic cups on the VERY FIRST DAY of SCHOOL while students save Sam. This cooperative activity has students work together to put Sam’s life preserver back on him. Grab this FREE back to school science activity here

Stock up on plastic cups here

The Amazon Must Haves for your science classroom will help you get back to school ready this fall. Whether you stock up now or wait and Amazon Prime it, be sure to bookmark this page to reference later in the year! 

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