5 Classroom Decor Ideas for the Science Classroom

adding decor to your science classroom on a budget

Are you having trouble deciding how to decorate your science classroom? Decorating your science classroom can be challenging, especially at the upper elementary and middle school levels. However, with older students, you want to ensure your science classroom decor is purposeful and welcoming without looking babyish. Here are some classroom decor strategies for your science classroom.

Classroom Decor Strategies for Science

Science Classroom Decor Tip #1: Keep it Science

You can decorate your classroom and still keep your science flair. Don’t be shy to hang up those anchor charts you use to remind students of important concepts.

Another good idea is to use quotes from famous scientists to cement your content area while adding warmth and a personal touch to your room.

Famous scientist back to school classroom decor for science

NGSS Science and Engineering Science classroom decorating ideas

Add NGSS-aligned visuals to your classroom.

When decorating your science classroom, keep science in mind. Hanging NGSS-aligned classroom posters allow students to reference essential terms and concepts throughout the year as they hang around the room. Whether you are teaching students about science and engineering practices or crosscutting concepts, your science classroom decor will be spot on!

Speak Like a Scientist Classroom Decor

If your students lack the science vocabulary, they need to fully immerse themselves in science, then help them use and understand the meaning of different scientific vocabulary terms using this science classroom decor set

This set includes over 40 terms that are often used in science. When hung around the classroom, students can reference the posters to help immerse them in science terms all year long. 

Classroom Science decor for grades 4 5 6

Science Classroom Decor Tip #2: Hang Student Work

Most science teachers start the year off with lab safety. Have students illustrate a lab safety rule and hang it around the room.

*Instant science classroom decor*

Now you have student work hanging around the room that will remind them of the lab rules. This is also great to point out when administrators are observing you!

science classroom decor ideas

Science Classroom Decor Tip #3: Memes and Puns

Students love memes. Use memes to help remind students of classroom rules and procedures and as a science decorating idea!

If you don’t know how to make your own, click here to learn.

It would also be fun to offer extra credit for students to create memes about a science topic you are studying.

Again, this is great for admin to see when they are in your classroom. It’s also another way for students to connect to the content familiarly.

Using science puns in the classroom. 

Humor in the classroom is a good thing! Studies show that adding humor as science puns will: 

  • Reduce classroom stress
  • Increase creativity
  • Reduces negative talk
  • Increases work completion
  • Leads to fewer discipline problems
  • Increases relationships with students and families
  • Creates more student “buy-in.”

Of course, these classroom science posters are not the magic wand to solving classroom management problems, but they are a step in the right direction in creating a warm, safe environment where your students will feel comfortable and motivated to learn. 

Science Classroom Decor Tip #4: Science Projects!

Studying the periodic table?

Have students research one of the elements and make their element tile.

Assign each student a different element so you can piece them together to make a class periodic table of elements, which will become your science classroom decor.

This strategy works great if you have a big blank wall in the back of your classroom. You could even arrange it in the hallways if you have large bulletin boards that need to be decorated.

Human Body Bulletin Board Ideas

One fun activity to have students complete when studying the human body is creating “wanted posters” for the different parts of the body systems.  

The Wanted Poster will reinforce the function of the part of the human body and how it helps us survive. 

This is another project that can also serve as science classroom decor! Simply hang it on a bulletin board or empty wall. The best part is that students can also look back and reference the different parts of the body systems. 

Science Classroom Decor Tip #5: Honor Women Scientists

People often think of science as a “man’s world.”

Honor the women that helped make critical scientific discoveries with these smart-looking posters.

Download the science classroom decor posters and print them out. Then, laminate them for durable classroom decor.

Beneath each poster is an explanation of what the woman is famous for, allowing students to look back and reference the different female scientists to understand their contribution to science.

Creating a warm, welcoming environment should not be difficult, even in the science classroom. While the decor should be purposeful, it can be done on any budget


Grab your FREE set of classroom decor posters to get you started below! 

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