21 Contemporary Young Adult Titles for the Secondary Classroom

21 Contemporary Young Adult Titles for Your Secondary Classroom

add to your secondary classroom library using contemporary adult fiction novels this back to school season

 Are you looking to update your classroom library for the back to school season? Are your students asking you for recommendations to continue reading but you aren’t sure what to choose for them?

  The Literary Maven collaborates with other teachers around the country to compile a list of novels that our students would be interested in. This helps to keep our classroom library and lessons fresh and exciting for the students. The list includes twenty-one engaging novels that your students will be sure to love.
          Included in the list is my pick, A Long Walk to Water by Linda Sue Park. I read this novel yearly with my middle school students. I love the different perspective that it gives my students about the world. Teaching in an affluent community, my students rarely think about what life would be like without our everyday conveniences, nevermind needing to walk miles and miles to obtain water for daily living.
         Teaching about the obstacles that Salva overcomes and perseveres through to come to live in America is awe-inspiring. The book circles around to themes that we need to continue to touch upon today such as kindness and forgiveness. This is a novel that will have a lasting effect on your students for years to come. A Long Walk to Water and twenty other awesome titles can be found on The Literary Maven’s blog.

I’d love to hear your pick. Leave a comment below telling me your favorite contemporary young adult novel.

A Long Walk to Water, novel unit, young adult
Want to know more about this novel? Check out this blog post to get an in-depth look at the novel and how I teach it to my own students.

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add these 21 young adult novels to your classroom library this back to school season

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