Goal Setting Activities

Setting goals comes naturally twice a year in a teacher’s life, in January and during back to school season. According to psychologists, there is a direct correlation between setting goals and success. Therefore, as teachers, it is important to assist students in determining their goals and learning how to meet them.

What are goals?

A goal is something that you want to achieve. 

A goal should: 

  • have a personal meaning 
  • be time sensitive

Don’t be afraid to dream big when setting goals. However, with bigger goals, you may need to break them down into smaller tasks to help you achieve them. 

Why should goal setting be an important classroom activity?

Teaching your students how to set goals is an important part of learning. Students will walk away with: 

  • a sense of direction
  • motivation
  • an ability to see the bigger picture

With teacher assistance, students can understand how life is connected, along with the ability to understand how they can help to control their future. 

How to Set Goals with Your Students

Here are some different methods to use to set goals with your students: 

Setting goals this new year and back to school season

  • Make your goals visible: Seeing your dreams reminds you of what you want to achieve. I love using these flipbooks with my students and hanging them around the classroom. Check it out here. (Updated through 2024)

goal setting 2022 activity

  • Working through obstacles: Goals are never super easy, and we will always hit obstacles. Use the picture book Salt in His Shoes with students to remind them that even successful people, like Michael Jordan, encounter obstacles in their lives. Salt in His Shoes is a beautiful picture book to use with your students to discuss the barriers we may face. Scroll down to access the activity I use with this book for FREE! 
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