Science Bulletin Board Classroom Ideas

Science teacher, are you looking for ideas on how to decorate the bulletin boards in your science classroom? Check out these ideas for science bulletin boards in your classroom. 

Bulletin Board Ideas for the Science Classroom

The NGSS Engineering Design Process allows students to understand the steps a scientist or engineer goes through to define and solve a problem. Students might use the steps in this process repeatedly as the prototype is refined. 

This science bulletin board will show the students the steps of this process. By decorating your science classroom using the Engineering and Design Process posters, students can refer to this process as they investigate problems in your classroom. 

Everyone Can Be a Scientist Bulletin Board

Often, students cannot see themselves as growing up to be a scientist. A science bulletin board idea to dispel this theory is to hang mirrors on your bulletin board. 

Above the mirrors, write different science jobs such as marine biologist, pharmacist, chemist, paleontologist, etc. 

This idea will allow students to see that they can become a scientist! 

Topical Science Ideas for Your Bulletin Board

A genuine way to decorate your science classroom is to take the science topic you are currently studying and create a bulletin board around it. 

Some ideas can include: 

  • Plant and animal cells: Enlarge illustrations of the cells and label each part. This will help students reference the parts as they work on the unit, creating a functional bulletin board for your classroom. 
  • Microscopes: There are so many parts of a microscope that it can be difficult for students to remember. Use this idea to create a bulletin board for your science classroom that students can learn from. 
  • Human Body: Remembering all the parts and functions of each system is hard, so help students remember by creating a bulletin board of chart paper that lists these concepts for your students! 

Stop stressing about how students will use scientific vocabulary terms in your classroom. This bulletin board can be created at the beginning of the year and stay up all year long. Having a year-long bulletin board in your science classroom will relieve stress while creating a place for students to reference and utilize throughout the year. 

Forty science vocabulary words are included to remind students to use this vocabulary in the classroom. 

Place the terms on your science cabinets or a decorative bulletin board. 

Further student understanding of the terms by encouraging them to

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