Learning about the CER Writing Strategy

Science teacher, are you wondering what the CER writing strategy is and how to use it in your classroom? Learn all about this formulaic method and how easily it can work in your science classroom. 

What is CER? 

Claim, evidence, reasoning, also known as CER, is a science writing strategy that many science teachers now use to have their students write clear, concise lab reports filled with scientific evidence and reasoning. This strategy aligns with NGSS and Common Core State Standards, so it is a classroom win.

How to use CER Science Writing Strategy

Getting started with CER science writing strategy in Your grade 4, 5, 6 classroom
    It can be challenging to get started and wrap your head around implementing this writing method into your science classroom. To do so and access graphic organizers, check out this blog post which will walk you through the steps of CER and examples of student responses for claim, evidence, and reasoning. Practice makes perfect. Sign up for my email list below to get a few ideas to quickly use in your classroom and access more ideas here.

CER and Halloween

claim evidence reasoning to engage students in holiday science learning       This science strategy can also be used to help incorporate the holidays into your classroom with fun and engaging activities. For example, read about integrating this strategy into my physical and chemical changes unit on Halloween.


Using CER with Lessons You Already Have and Love

turn existing science lessons into ngss aligned cer activities       Don’t stress about using this method in your classroom. If you already have lab write-ups for your science activities, use these science strategies to quickly turn them into CER NGSS approved activities. This will also allow you to get your students to partake in argumentation as they support their learning with data and evidence from the activity.
       Do you still have questions about CER; claim, evidence, reasoning? Let me know in the comments below.
claim evidence reasoning materials to use in your grade 4 5 6 classroom to strengthen analysis and writing skills in the science classroom
Ready-made CER materials to use in your classroom!
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