How to Digitally Assign PDF Worksheets to Your Students

Have you ever downloaded a PDF and wanted to send it to a student as a digital worksheet but couldn’t because the answer key and other erroneous pages were attached to it?
Did you know that there is an easy way to pull or extract pages you want from a PDF to send to your students?

Steps to Creating a Digital Worksheet

1. Open or download the file you would like to use.
2. Click on “print”.
3. Change the printer to PDF.
4. Choose the pages you want to extract from the file.
5. Press print.
6. Change the name of the file.
7. Click save.
8. Upload the student version to your preferred LMS

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Check out the next step: how to easily have students type on your PDF worksheets! If you thought this was a good tip, then you need to check out the next step! 
Steps to extract pages from a PDF file to assign digitally for grade 4 5 6 students

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