How to QUICKLY Create and Insert Moveable Images into Your Digital Activities

create and make movable pieces for your Google Slides presentations

Making movable pieces for digital activities such as Google Slides can be a super time consuming process. Inserting each digital piece and then resizing it a million times, is one reason I loathe making digital pieces until I found a digital hack that really helped me out and I think it can help you too.


Why use movable pieces?

Movable pieces help engage your students. It allows them to interact with the activity. They add an element to your lesson that is not available on other formats. Students will also make a deeper visual and physical connection as they move the pieces around. 

How to quickly and easily import movable pieces into your digital remote learning activities

How to make movable pieces.

     1. Choose the program that you are comfortable using. I like to create in Microsoft Powerpoint.

     2. Following the clip artists TOU, create or layer your movable piece.

     3. Group the images together by clicking CTRL-G or right click and hit Group.

     4. Click on the grouped image. Click Save as picture.

     5. Name the image and save in the appropriate folder.

     6. Go to your Google Slide activity.

     7. Click Insert, Image.

     8. Magic! The images are there, just as you wanted them.

Watch the screencast below to see how easy and quickly this can be done! 

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