How to Use Teachers pay Teachers Easel Digital Tool

How to make digital PDFS with tpt digital tool

As we enter this difficult time of remote learning, looking for every digital lesson and activity we can get our hands on, did you know that Teachers pay Teachers has a tool called Easel that will help you turn your PDF documents into engaging, interactive digital lessons?

What is Easel by TpT?

Teachers will rejoice when they learn that they can continue using previously (or new) purchased PDF lessons and activities that Teachers pay Teachers sellers have deemed appropriate for the digital tool, Easel. Basically, this tool allows users to type directly on the PDF. You can now include answer boxes, notes, highlighting tools, questions, and movable shapes for your students to answer using lessons and activities that you ALREADY own!

The interactive digital activities can either be sent directly to Google Classroom or used with other learning management platforms through a link once your email is verified by Tpt.

Why is this Helpful?

Many of us have been using Teachers pay Teachers for years, so we have accrued many awesome lessons and activities that are most likely only printable lessons. While thousands of teacher-authors are quickly trying to adapt to the changing learning climate, many are not there yet. This digital tool allows buyers to use lessons that they have already purchased, so you don’t have to buy new ones if you don’t want to.

How Do I Use This Tool?

This tool is fairly easy to use and pretty intuitive. Below are the steps to use the tool. I also created a video for you to watch to help you get through the steps.

1. Either purchase the lesson or go to My Purchases to locate the lesson you want to use. You will know if an activity is compatible with the digital tool if you see the image below the purchase price that tells you it is an Easel Activity.

Using a chemical and physical changes PDF activity with teachers pay teacher easel program

2. Once you have accessed the tool, you can do many things with it. The video will walk you through the many features.

Chemical and physical changes activity using the TpT Digital tool for PDFs

Features include:

    – Answer box

    – Text

    – Pen

    – Highlight

    – Shape

    – Movable shapes

Before assigning it to your class, you can preview it to ensure it is exactly as you hoped it would turn out.

Need step-by-step instructions? Watch my screencast below…

Try out this tool on some of your existing purchases, and let me know what you think!

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